The Lives We Impact

Our Mission

“Everybody always told me that once I turned 40, it was all down hill.  It is truly amazing to see people of all ages, even 70 years plus, out there jumping and running.  It is very inspiring and motivating to witness. Said to myself, I can do it too! Volunteering with Charlotte Track & Field Club has opened my eyes and heart to a whole world of people I can help!”



  • Fitness Programs and Events
  • Neighborhood Runs/Bootcamps
  • Access to Professional Coaching, Trainers, and Physical Therapy
  • Nutritional Plans and Education
  • Volunteerism and Community

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Connect with Us!

It’s important for us to engage our local community.  We lead and participate in numerous initiatives that provide assistance and increase awareness to recipient organizations and individuals.

In the Community

Charlotte Track Club is a non-profit organization that centers around running. Our mission is to foster a healthy and active community by providing programs and services that will improve family life.

“My mother passed away from Type 2 Diabetes. It was a long and painful process for her. Joining Charlotte Track & Field Club helped me keep my mind positive throughout her journey. It also taught me valuable lessons about staying active and eating more mindfully help with living a healthy and happy life.  I'm now a board member and hope to pass this message along to others in my community."