• Aristides (Ari) Rodriguez: President
  • Sam Hall: Vice-President
  • Toccata Murphy: Treasurer
  • Rob Cousar: Secretary
  • Tanya Sotillo: Chair, Community Outreach Committee
  • Marcella Halle
  • Rob Jackson
  • Ken Walker
  • Melanie Walker
  • A.J. Kaschak: Coach 

We are headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and compete under U.S.A. Track & Field at the Masters level. Masters Track & Field is for age ranges from 30 and up with competition in five-year age brackets (30-34, 35-39, 40-44, etc.). Charlotte Track Club (CTC) is fortunate enough to have many members is the best shape competing at elite levels. 

Charlotte Track Club members age ranges are from 30 to 80+, with overall membership.  Many members are returning to the sport after a long absence. Some members are in serious training programs for national competition, and some are just out for fun - to enjoy the fellowship and fresh air.


Board Members

What We’re Doing